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Realself answer: Question Regarding Labiaplasty Labial reducition

Labiaplasty is surgery of the tissue around the opening of the vagina.  There are external labia (labia majora) which have skin and hair and internal labia (labia minora) which are mucous membranes that are hairless and outside of the vagina.  Most women have enlargement of the of the internal labia minora resulting in discomfort in every day activity, or intercourse.  The labia can get caught in the clothing, fall out of the underpants or bathing suit or block the vaginal canal.  The surgery is done to reduce the excess labia and recreate normal appearing labia that do not extend beyond the outer labia or block the vagina.  Having the surgery done by a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon is highly advisable because this is a very artistic and detailed surgery that must be done well in order to prevent problems from removal of excessive tissue. Vaginoplasty is done to recontour the vaginal opening.  This may be done by Obstetritians.   Men also present for a similar procedure of removal of excess skin of the penis following poorly done circumcision, where they experience similar problems with skin catching, becoming irritated and disruptive to successful intercourse.

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