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Realself Answer: re: submuscular implant complication- double bubble

Although I have never seen this problem, I have read about this.  There is a nerve to the upper thigh which is a sensory nerve that passes from the upper thigh to the front of the hip bone.  This is at risk for injury or suture entrapment during abdominoplasty surgery.  The risk to this nerve is increased with the new style of pants because the incision is made lower to hide the scar in the undies or bathing suit line.  The sharp pains are a good sign, it means that the nerve is intact and starting to wake up. This can happen within a few weeks of surgery and should resolve over the 1st month or so.  It is a risk of surgery but the risk is low, so probably not one that most surgeons think to discuss in the perioperative discussions.  Don’t worry, it should resolve with time as  sensory nerves grown and regenerate over a life time.

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