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Realself Answer: understanding Mastopexy – breast lift anchor, periareolar, wise pattern

Mastopexy is done to excise excessive skin.  In most individuals their skin excess worsens after pregnancy due to the enlargement & deflation following the hormone related engorgement which affects the elasticity of the skin.  Some younger people have mastopexy to improve the appearance of the breast due to elongated breast or enlarged areolas.  In these individuals the elasticity of the breast iskin s not necessarily impaired.  The only way to determine if another mastopexy is necessary is to have an evaluation so that the skin elasticity and excess can be quantified.  In general, implants do not lift the breast and very rarely will a periarolar lift tighten the breast envelope adequately.  The vertical mastopexy also will tighten the envelope but does not reshape the breast in a way to keep the nipple up.  If one has undergone the standard “wise Patterned” breast lift, it is unusual to have much excess skin and the shape of the breast is round and attractive.    With this technique there can be “bottoming out” where the fullness of the  implant and breast tissue falls too low below the areola. This can be treated with excision of an ellipse under the breast rather than full redo mastopexy.  My recommendation is to be seen / provide photos so that proper evaluation can determine the best option to achieve the results you are looking for.  Beware that doctors who do not do the standard wise pattern lift will not have the confidence in the outcome and will believe the scars are too much but the patient’s who undergo this technique are uniformly happy as the breast are up where they want, the skin is taught, the areola

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