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Botox Q & A #1-Realself

Q: I’m 55 and had botox done between my eyebrow and my forehead. I’m not happy with the results. What can I do?

I told the injector not to go to close to my eyebrows because my lids are dropping. She did exactly that and my vein bruised! Now when I raise my eyebrows my skin on my lids wrinkles upwards to the side and I look terrible!! I called to compained and was told to come in and have it tweaked! I am scared now please advise I need help!

A: Go back for a tweak by your injector

Botox and other paralytics are injected with the risk of some spread.  It is possible that sometimes the results are not ideal because of this spreading pattern.  If there is a visible deformity due to one part of the brow lifting and the other not lifting this will last for the full 3 months that the paralytic is in effect. You may decide that reducing the motion of the active area which is lifting, which may lower the brow more than desired, but will eliminate the pronounced motion related deformity-  which sounds like you have.  I would think that it would be easier to tolerate a lower symmetric brow than a visible irregularity in the motion of the brow.  With injectables, this is a risk.  It sounds like you had experience with another MD who injected the way you like it?  Maybe it is best to stick with those who know how to treat you the way you like it done.  Good luck

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