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Botox Q & A #5 – Realself

Q: Hard to Chew After Botox in Neck and Jaw – Is This Normal?

My doctor injected botox in my neck and shoulders because I have had tension there for years and also in my jaw because I clench my teeth a lot. Now it’s been 11 days and I can’t eat steak or hard food. The muscles feels too weak and I have a hard time holding my head up on my shoulders. When I work and sit down I lean my head against my hand. I have tried to exercise, but it’s too difficult for my neck. Is this normal or does it go away? My doctor said he gave me a very small dose.

A: Botox is a TEMPORARY paralytic..

It sounds like your muscles are paralyzed a little more than ideal for function.  This will go away, however, it will take several weeks to months to resolve.  It sounds like you have very sensitive receptors to the medication.  You may find that a neck brace is helpful in the mean time.

Good luck

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