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Q: Is This Much Asymmetry Normal? (photo)

I was asymmetric before, got a lift and augmentation. I’m 5 weeks post op but the right still feel a lot smaller, and the right nipple is bigger. Have you seen cases like this, where the breasts have this much asymmetry but end up looking more symmetrical months later. I’ve never had nice breasts so I really want this to turn out great.

5 weeks post op, bright flash 5 weeks post op, no flash 5 weeks post op, different angle (from the top). Asymmetry is very noticeable here post op extremely asymmetric

A: Preop asymmetry is more visible pot op

Your Preop photos reveal asymmetry. In order to achieve long term symmetry you would have to have removed skin. At this point it is hard to judge because your tissue has not stretched since the surgery . In 3-6 months you should expect your breast to look like they did Preop but filled instead of deflated. The pockets should fill with the implants. You should not see the high position on the right implant that you now see.  The asymmetry will still be present so you may want to achieve symmetry with a lift. I have a few examples on my web of augs converted to lifts to achieve a prettier result.  Be patient and you will see improvement in your result.

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