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Q: Unsatisfied with breast augmentation. How do I approach the surgeon and how can it be rectified? (photos)

I underwent a breast augmentation 6 weeks ago. 260cc silicone implants. I specifically asked if I needed a lift. Surgeon said no. One breast is a lot bigger that the other and seems saggy. The other looks like it has a double bubble going? Please advise how and if this can be repaired. Please also give comments on the size difference.
before after

A: Breast lift and submammary implantation will correct this problem- no need to wait

Your intuition was correct. In order to have the breast in a higher position and accommodate for the pre-existing asymmetry, a lift would have been the best option.  The pay off is a more extensive scar.  In most people the scars heal well so they are VERY happy to have had the lift and have a high positioned breast and greater symmetry.  The decision is one of aesthetics.  Your doctor did nothing wrong, it is just his sense of aesthetics does not match your expectation.  By putting implants into a deflated pocket, you increase the fullness of the breast and the position remains the same.  The advantage as stated before is that the scar is quite limited.  The disadvantage is that you end up with a low lying breast and asymmetry that is very unattractive.  Not only is the “double bubble” visible on the right which is from the implant being placed under the muscle and the muscle not allowing the implant to fill in the pocket below, on the left the crease of the bottom of the breast is very low.  My recommendation is to completely change the pocket to the submammary position which is above the muscle.  You do not have a lot of tissue, but it would look like the left breast which does not show the double bubble because the muscle has been released enough to go above the implant.  The lift would allow for you to have a nice high implant position and symmetry.  This is what I would want if I were in your position.  Waiting 3 months does not hurt but it really will do nothing to benefit the existing result.

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