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Q: Uneven Breast After Augmentation. Will my Doctor Fix This? Do I Have Pay Again?

I had my breast done on January 5th,2011. Almost 3 months now I still feel that my right breast is bigger than the left one. I also think that they are different shape. When I told my dr about it. He said that my right/b was bigger with one teaspoon and was not a big deal. But I can see that they are different size and shape. I was a B/C. he put 440 on the L and 435 on the R. Will he fix this at no cost or I have to pay for it if I asked him to redo it? my breast were always different size befor


A: Asymmetry is accentuated following breast augmentation in most cases!

You had a mild asymmetry to begin with and a mild asymmetry following breast augmentation. This is not unexpected as all breast are asymmetric.  The thing that wyou really need to think about is the fact that with each surgery the risks such as capsular contracture increase to more than double. Therefore, since you have a very aesthetic result with an asymmetry that is likely no more than what you had prior to the implants (assuming the implants placed are the same size), I recommend you enjoy your beautiful breast and avoid additional surgery as long as possible.  If you were to have a complication such as a capsular contracture, which is a know risk, and surgery is inevitable, you may consider putting a larger implant in the smaller breast to achieve better symmetry.  If you were to develop a capsular contracture, this would unfortunately not be the financial responsibility of  anyone but your self.  If the implant ruptures, the company will usually replace it at no cost, but the patient is still responsible for surgeon, facility and anesthesia fees.  I hope this has helped.

Good Luck.

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