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Q: Is It Better to Use the Same Doctor for a Redo? Are Techniques Similar Internationally?

I had a breast augmentation in Bangkok and although very happy with the results, feel I went too small (325cc). Would like to go bigger in future, but worried about using different doctor. Are techniques similar internationally? Is it better to use the same PS or is it really not a concern?

A: How to know your surgeon is a good one- check photos & testimonials

An exchange of implants in a nice result should not be complicated and therefore you should be able to find a local Plastic Surgeon who has consistently good results to do the surgery for you.  I recommend you check with the American Society of Plastic Surgery, look at before and after photos, have consultation and ask to speak to that doctor’s patients.  All of these things can help to educate yourself and know whether you feel comfortable choice of whom to work with.

The biggest question to consider is whether to exchange your implants or not.  I have done this for people and they have been very happy, but you should never underestimate the increased risks of complications that comes with any additional surgery.  If you look at the data on the Mentor web site, for example, the risk of capsular contracture is about 2.5 x higher for a revision surgery compared to a primary augmentation.  I recommend you consider the risks and look at these statistics prior to deciding to have surgery.  Why are you doing the exchange?  It is true that a silicone breast will feel more natural than a saline, if you have very little tissue, however all implants do feel a bit rubbery under the breast compared to a natural breast. So I recommend you consider the reasons very deeply and make sure they out weigh the risks.  If you have a capsular contracture or asymmetry or problem of some sort, it is always worth the risk, but in the event of a good result and no complication, it may be better to wait for a problem and then to change to silicone. I do not feel the difference is that much more palpable or visible that it warrants the risks of the revision.

Good luck!

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