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Breast Augmentation Sizing Considerations – Realself

Q: Should I go with 450cc to get the 425cc sizer look?

I’m 5’4″ and weigh 107 lbs. My surgeon suggested high profile mentor gel implants that will be placed under the muscle. I loved how the 425cc sizers looked. Should I go with 450cc to get the look of the 425cc sizers?

A: Photo match in surgery does well to determine implant size

Sizing an implant is very difficult when you put one in your bra because the tissue overlying the implant will also impact the final result. If you have a floppy breast with a pocket it will fill it nicely and look great.  If the breast tissue pocket is minimal, the implant will sit high immediately and settle over the course of a few months.  As the breast tissue pocket stretches, the shape will become more natural.  Ultimately, the breast will settle into your own body’s infamammary crease.   By your height and weight, it sounds like you are very slight in size and therefore do not have much breast tissue on top of the implant.  The implant will show more in this case and be the size of the ultimate breast.   People say, if you are on the edge, go bigger than smaller, however, if you like the size of the 425, I would go with 425 because that is what you will show since your breast are not full. What I do is reoperatively, I go over the look the patient is hoping to have by looking a photos from magazines like Perfect 10 or play boy to determine the ideal size.  I then consider the patient’s breast tissue quantity and the quality of the breast pocket. From this I can recommend the likely size that will create the patient’s desired look.  In surgery I may use the sizers to confirm the best match and then use that implant. If you are set on a size, just go for it and enjoy!  Realize also that implants are very heavy.  So although there is a subtle difference in appearance of the 25cc, it may be more noticeable in weight of implant.

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