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Breast Augmentation + Tummy Tuck

Q: Combining a Tummy Tuck with a Breast Augmentation. Will Recovery Be Far Worse? Is It Safe?

I’m planning to combine my tummy tuck with a breast augmentation; will recovery be far worse vs. only a tummy tuck? is this combination safe?

A: Combining breast augmentation with abdominoplasty or tummy tuck works for many

These two procedures: breast augmentation and tummy tuck are frequently combined at one surgery.  The 2 advantages to this is that you only recover 1x!  You are going to be primarily limited by the tummy tuck for the 1st 1-3 days where you will need help and not want to do much. By the time you are feeling better from the tummy tuck, your breast are well on the way to recovery and feeling pretty good.  Most patient’s with either surgery and getting up and about on their own by day 3-5 and weaning off of pain medications between days 7 & 10, (although some patient’s use nothing but high dose ibuprophen/ Advil post surgery, most patient require a narcotic as well for the 1st week).  The other advantage is that the overall time of the two is less than the time of each procedure done separately, however, the increased length in procedure at one time does increase risk in general.  Therefore, when combining procedures, I typically recommend doing this in the hospital where the patient has the option to stay the night if they feel too tired to go home and they can receive IV pain medications, maintain compression on the legs to reduce the risk for blood clots developing; and stay well rested.  Alternatively, if done in a surgicenter, I highly recommend a private nurse to be at home with the patient to monitor for any of the risks associated with longer surgeries and to help the patient and allow for intravenous fluids to be continued until the patient feels good enough to be up, eat and walk about.  The other advantage to having the procedures done together is that sometimes the 2nd procedure is slightly less than when done separately.

Good luck!!

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