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Q: Breast Lift Without Implants?

I’m happy with the size of my breasts, but they could definitely be perkier. Can I get a breast lift without implants?

A: Breast lift (mastopexy) is excellent for making yourself look young again!


Breast lift is a wonderful procedure that is perfect for your needs. The primary way to determine if the lift is adequate is to determine if the breast size in the bra is just right, if so, a lift will be perfect to re-juvinate your breast.

The lift will create a very aesthetic breast which will look bigger once lifted. The superior fullness of the breast will be reestablished, but not be as full as you would see with an implant in addition to the lift. A push up bra will create a more natural superior breast fullness & cleavage after a lift than an implant will.

There are many different techniques available for lifting the breast. The technique selected is dependent on the amount of sag of the breast and how much the nipple areola needs to be lifted, the size of the nipple areola complex and the symmetry of the breast.

Peri-areolar and crescent lifts are ideal for minimal changes in nipple areolar position and size differences. A vertical mastopexy will leave less scar but in some people will create a more rocket shaped breast. The traditional standard wise pattern will create a very aesthetic breast shape despite the more extensive scarring. Many people find the scars to be less important than the shape of the breast.

It is very important to look at the overall breast appearance because once the symmetry of the breast is established, the scars become less noticeable.

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