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Q: Perky Look with Breast Lift Plus Implants – Without Going Bigger?

I am looking into getting a mastoplexy with implants. I am a large 36C and I do not want to go bigger but I want the fullness and perk!

Can I get a lift with implants and not go bigger? Even maybe a little smaller small C or big B cup? over the under or over the muscle? (5’3” – 140lbs) thank you very much

A: Perky breasts usually equate to implanted and lifted breasts

The breast lift will increase the perkiness of the breast but as time goes on the upper portion of the breast will flatten and the bulk of the breast tissue will be in the lower portion of the breast. The appearance of the breast will be full and round more inferiorly. This is a natural ptosis and the nipple and areola (brown around the nipple) will be elevated and the appearance of the breast very attractive.

The only way to assure the upper fullness of the breast over time is to add an implant. The breast implants can be quite small. The options that you have are to lift the breast which creates a more rounded mound with the nipple and areola smaller and higher up that will have a slope to it; lift the breast with a small implant to increase the size only a little, or lift and reduce the breast to accommodate the implant in order to not change size.

The things to keep in mind are:

1) that when you lift the breasts, the appearance is larger but they stand on their own;

2) if you reduce the breasts to accommodate an implant but decide to have the implant out for any reason in the future, the breasts will be smaller.

This is a very difficult decision. I hope this works for you.

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