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Q: Is it possible to achieve a good result without a benelli lift? (photos)

I dislike scars & would opt to do the TUBA method if it was up to me. I had too many consults and at this point I’m more confused. I’ve lost 80 pounds & Im going in for breast agum – silicon 590 CC under the muscle & tummy tuck. Do you think I could get away without the lift with the size of implant and still get good results? since I’m having a tummy tuck is the TUBA method possible with silicon implants or is it only done with saline? What’s are the pro/cons with the TUBA method in my case?
Current and wish look!!

A: Many Questions – many answers

Benelli is only good for small amount of skin excision and less than 3 cm lower displacement of the nipple areolar complex.  The TUBA is typically done with saline implants so you can get the implant into position with minimal disruption of the inframammary fold which holds the implant in position, so the ability to use silicone depends on the size and the surgeons experience with this. I would not do this technique or use silicone for this technique do to lack of experience.  So you need to work with someone who has experience.  There is no way to comment on the photos because you are stating you will have surgery but one of the photos is post augmentation- so are either of the photos you?  It does not look like you need much of a lift if the top photo is you.  Under the muscle implant placement will cause movement deformity and limit the cleavage unless it is detached medially.  Sounds like you need to do a few more consults to understand all these questions more clearly.  Look at before and after pictures while at the consult to be sure you like the end result of the method you choose.

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