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Q: Can I receive Breast lift on small breast? (photos)

I have two babies under 2. And I’m done having kids. After having kids and breastfeeding my breast started to sag a little. I’m am a size B -C cup. I don’t want bigger breast but just want them to be fuller. Can I get a breast lift on my small breasts and get desired results? What kind of lift would be best and appropriate cost? I live in NC.

A: Breast Lifet/ mastopexy is an excellent option but you may not like the scars

It is true, if you like the size of the breast in the bra, all you need is a lift to make the breast stand on their own, be full and nicely positioned and shaped.  The only way to effectively create a nice full breast which is high up where you want them is to have the full mastopexy which results in scars around the areola, straight down and under the breast.  This is sometimes referred to as an anchor incision.  The problem that you have to consider is your skin pigmentation.  The darker the skin the greater the risk for keloid and hyper pigmentation.  If you look at your scars, it will give you a good idea as to how you may likely heal.  If your scars heal well then it is well worth the anchor incision to create a beautiful breast.  If you have bad scarring- hyper or hypo pigmentation, thickening or keloid formation, the implant will increase the size but also the projection and make your breast fuller and more rounded and this incision is significantly smaller. Hopefully this will help!! Best- (:

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