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Breast Lift not a solution for Back pain – Realself

Q: Will a Breast Lift Help with Back Pain?

A: Breast lift is for improved look, not likely to help much with back / neck pain

The breast lift differs from a breast reduction, in that no weight is removed. All the breast tissue is left behind and only skin is removed with a lift.  The two procedures are otherwise quite the same with regards to  final scar and end result.  The lift may help a little with back discomfort, but in general, the anterior weight of breast is definitely a cause of back & neck discomfort, so if this is not reduced the pain will not be improved.   So, if you are looking to help the back pain, consider a reduction, exercises to strengthen the back, or a different style bra to better support the weight of the breast, ie- an exercise bra that squishes the breast and crosses in the back will often create more neck & back discomfort than a normal bra shaped Champion exercise bra. The lift will create a more aesthetic breast that do not necessarily need a bra.  I hope I have not disappointed you.

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