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Breast Lift to correct asymmetry post op – Realself

Q: Breast Revision Advice for Asymmetry After Previous Augmentation then Kids

My original aug was 14 yrs ago to correct asymmetry. B on right C on left. Shaped different. Given saline 275cc on the right and 225cc on the left. I have a similar problem on a much larger size level. I believe I am a D cup but can’t wear anything but a sports bra without bulging out on the left side. Now 2 kids later I’m looking into a revision and would love to hear any advice or ideas on what type of revision should be done. I know for sure I want to be smaller. C in both.

A: Breast asymmetry correction often requires both lift and implants

It sounds like you need to have the breast possible reduced and both breast lifted.  The implants will effectively change the volume but will rarely help the appearance adequately.  The only way to effectively achieve symmetry is to be sure that the nipple areolar complex is symmetric both from side to side and from the distance to the inframammary crease and midline.

I more often than not will encorporate a wise pattern lift with the implantation.  You can take a look at my website and see several asymmetry patients who have done very well under “augmentation mastopexy”.  You may need to have the implants removed and the breast reduced. This is the same scar as the mastopexy.  Whether the implants stay in or are changed in size or removed in order to achieve symmetry, you should be able to get a nicely symmetric breast with a doctor who understands how to create this.

Best of luck!!

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