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Q: What Type Of Lift W/ Implants Do You Recommend? (photo)

I Would Like to Get Breast Lift and Implants.  I Am 48 Years Old and Have Nursed 2 children. I am 5′ 6″ and 110 lbs. I have met with surgeon and he wants to do a lift and 300 cc implants. What type of lift should be done and could I go larger with implants. I do not want any sagging after and I want my breasts nice and tight. Am I too old for implant surgery? Thanks


A: Lift with implants will vary on nipple areolar size & position


You breast would lift some with the implants but not much. The size of you areola is very important in the decision to what type of lift you would like.  If you do not mind the position of the nipple areola and the size then all you need is an implant. However, you have moderate asymmetry and the nipple areola complex is quite large.  In general a more rounded breast is more aesthetic as well.  Therefore the options vary on what you are hoping to achieve.  You could do a crescent excision above the areola to lift the nipple areolas, but if you want to reduce the size of the areola, you should extend the excision to below the areola. If you are interested in a more round breast you would then add the transverse excision of skin as well.  In general, the periareola lift is not my preference.  This results in a flattened breast and worse scars around the areola.  The areola is the focus of the breast, so an extension of the scar below the areola is ultimately more aesthetic because the periareolar scar is thin and the vertical scar becomes barely visible with time.  In addition, this allows a better lift.  Good luck!

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