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Q: Why are my eyes weird? (photos)

firstly what shape are my eyes? i hate the way they look! is there a way to change them? how? and why do i have such deep eye crease? someti
i was sick!  

A: Your eyes are not weird- they are very pretty and your deep creases will allow you to age more gracefully!

You have very nice and symmetric eyelid creases and you DO NOT HAVE PTOSIS!!!  This reference is related to the position of the eyelid relative to the color portion of the eyes and yours are normal.  The deep set position of the crease of your eyelid is a genetic finding. I am sure you have always had this, correct?  When you get older, this deeper crease will allow the excess skin to fall back and not show as much so you will not need upper eyelid surgery until later in life.  There are ways to try and change the position of this crease but typically with eyelid surgery, we place the suture line in the crease so it is not visible.  Your darker pigment may make a scar outside of the crease more visible.  If I were you, I would recommend you enjoy your beautiful face and take advantage of the larger crease for use of make up which will enhance your eyes – even very simple make up like a painted on eyeliner- this may make you feel better about how you look- Try visiting a cosmetologist and get their recommendations but really, I think you are being unreasonably hard on yourself regarding your eyes

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