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Q: Is it okay if I’ve consumed alcohol four days previous to a blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery)?

Today (July 6th) I’ve received a blood test. I have an appointment to undergo blepharoplasty on the 8th. However, on July 3rd, I’ve consumed alcohol and smoked a cigarette, and on July 4th, I’ve consumed three cans of beer. I’m worried because I’ve heard that alcohol and cigarettes can interfere with the safety of the procedure. I normally NEVER smoke or drink except those two days. Is it safe to proceed with the blepharoplasty? Also, would my cigarette and alcohol intake show in the blood test?

A: Smoking increases your risk for poor healing and infection- alcohol affects the pain medication effectiveness

The smoking is the primary problem for your surgery.  If you are not a chronic smoker, the effects are going to be less damaging and because it was 4 days prior you will likely have had time for your body to recover significantly.  You should tell your doctor and be prepared for slightly increased risk to not heal as well or to develop an infection.  The eyelid skin is so thin and the blood supply there is so good, it is unlikely that you will have a problem, but if you do, only your actions are to blame.  Regarding the alcohol, it is really more of an issue to not drink if you are taking a narcotic. Mixing these can have serious risks to your body.  Also, if you drink consistently, the effectiveness of the narcotic may be reduced or altered.  This should not impact the surgery unless you drink consistently enough to have damage to the liver which affects the ability of the blood to clot.  That is a long term risk of alcohol intake, not a short term risk.  Discuss with your doctor and let the doctor have the final decision.

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