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Q: How can we treat this? (Photo)

How can we treat this my daughter has this ball on her ear since 4 years how from 4-6 month another one on the back ear how can we treat this
Back ear since December 2014 Front ear 4 since 2011

A: Keloids CAN be treated!!!

This is a Keloid. These form as a result of a few reasons.  Typically a genetic predisposition exists, however, in some cases it is related to an underlying inflammation in the area of healing.  For example, if a person has their ear pierced with an ear ring which is not pure gold or surgical stainless steel, the impure metals mixed into the ear ring stud may cause an ongoing reaction of inflammation which delays the healing. Another cause for keloid and hypertrophic scar formation is a wound that heals slowly due to inadequate blood supply.  Regardless, the treatment must be done in 2 stages.  The first stage is to stop the ongoing reactive scar formation with the injection of steroids. This is the most challenging component of treatment because the scar is so dense the only way to infiltrate the keloid adequately is with a Dermajet.  I have one and older doctors in the US often do, but this is still found in 3rd world countries as a means to provide vaccinations in poor areas without a needle.  The Dermajet infuses the steroid into the keloid under high pressure and is extremely effective in stopping the keloid from continuing to be symptomatic with growth, itching or pain.  Many doctors will try to inject the keloid with a needle but this is extremely ineffective due to the inability of the steroid to get into the keloid scar mass. In addition it is risky because the liquid steroid which is being injected will go to the path of least resistance and infiltrate the surrounding normal tissue which is soft and pliable.  This may cause thinning, fragility and hypervascularity of the normal surrounding skin.  Once the symptoms are under control, the keloid can be excised and treated at the time of excision with low dose radiation.  The success rate of this process is quite satisfactory.

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