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Q: How Long After Donut Lift w/ Implants Do I Need to Wait to Do Revision?

I had a donut lift with implants. I am unhappy with my results. I didn’t want implants to begin with but my doc informed me i would have a man’s chest if i went with lift alone. I wanted a lollipop lift but he said i wouldn’t like the scars. It has been 25 days (3 weeks) since my surgery and Im still not liking them any better. My doc says to give it time. I think they are too big and dont look natural. How long will I have to wait before i can have them taken out and possibly a lollipop lift?

A: Lollipop lift / mastopexy produces scars but the breast are beautiful- it is worth it!!

You do not have to wait for a revision if the pictures are yours.  There are several issues that I see looking at the pictures which are attached to your question.  I think the reason you are unhappy is that the breast are essentially unchanged in shape and bigger.  The question that I like to have answered to determine if you need an implant at the time of a lift is: Do you like the size of the breast in the bra? If the answer is “YES” then you need a lift alone. If the answer is “NO”, then you add an implant to create the size that you want.  Your implant can be very small to large. I have the patient’s bring in photos of the ideal breast size and match the implant to that once the breast have been lifted, because the lifted breast will usually look fuller and bigger once lifted, therefore the implant size may be less than expected to get the desired result.

The second problem is the shape of the breast.  A bigger breast that is still droopy is no more attractive than a small one.  I agree with you, a full lollipop (what we can “standard wise pattern” lift) would be the solution to your problem.  This would allow the nipple areolar complexes to be reduced in size and to bring the breast tissue up on the chest wall and create a rounded, attractive breast.  In most people, the vertical scar heals to be barely visible, the scar under the breast can be a little thicker but will usually heal with a thin pale scar and the periareolar scar us also thin and pale.  A pale scar can be treated with medical tatoo to match the surrounding skin, but most people are so happy with the attractive breast they do not even care about the scars.  If you have more pigment in your skin or a history of keloids, your risk for the scars to thicken are much greater.  This can be treated with topical or injectable steriods or re-excision if necessary.   I would recommend having a reoperationg with removal or reduction of the implant size and a full “standard wise pattern” lift.  You will be very happy.  You can look at my website to see both lifts with implants and lifts without implants. I hope this has been helpful.

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