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Mastopexy Needed with Breast Implants Augmentation – Realself

Q: Do I need a lift? (Photo)

I have seen four doctors, two say I need a lift and two say no lift and go over muscle with implants. I so confused

A: Lift will create a more beautiful breast than an implant alone because your breast are sagging and ptotic!

You have a choice here and it really depends on the look you would like.  If you put implants in, the scar is less but the breast will be exactly as they are now.  They will be bigger but low and asymmetric.  This does not accomplish an aesthetic goal, but will make the breast fuller.  The first thing to do is to determine if you like the size of the breast in the bra.  If the size is good but you are unhappy with the sagging and asymmetry then do just a lift.  The standard wise pattern life will create a beautiful rounded breast up where you want them and provide symmetry.  Although there are significantly more scaring than an implant, most people scar very well.  You can look at your own scars to help assess this.  If the breast are too small in a bra then I recommend the lift with an implant to achieve the size you would like.  Most women want a beautiful rounded breast up where the do not need to wear a bra. That is only achievable with the wise pattern mastopexy/ breast lift.  This will give you a breast you will love to look at every day in the mirror!

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