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Q: Radiesse to Widen a Thin, Long Face?

I Have a Thin, Long Face-can Radiesse Work in my Cheeks And/or Jaw Area to Widen Its Shape

A: Radiesse is the clay of sculpturing the face.

Radiesse is wonderful for reestablishing the fullness of the face ad for correcting the defects of many areas including the jaw. It works wonderfully for blunting jowls and creating fullness of the face.  If the picture is of you, I do not recommend anything in the jaw.  The picture shows a very strong jaw and enlarging it would make it too heavy and more masculine.  You may appreciate the anterior midcheek fullness to create a less hollow and thin appearance to the face overall.  This will create a rounder look to the face.  But, in general, the picture presented shows a very aesthetic face that does not need much at all and I would not recommend jaw enlargement. Good luck!

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