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Radiesse Q & A #2 – Realself

Q: Can I Get Radiesse Injections to the Mid-cheek Area?

I’m looking to inject Radiesse to all the areas of my cheeks, including the buccal area. Is Radiesse used in those areas?

A: Radiesse is great to reestablish the cheek fullness!

Radiesse is one of my favorite of all fillers because the results are amazing. It is one of my favorite procedures to do because I can be an artist with the face. It is a wonderful filler for many areas of the face, in particular, it is extremely effective for reestablishing the descent of the mid-cheek which gives a flattened appearance to the midface and accentuates the lower eyelid changes.  The Radiesse rejuvinates the mid-face by establishing the fullness of the cheek and also will soften the separation of the flattened cheek and lower eyelid fullness that is seen with aging. This can mask the lower eyelid fullness caused by the herniation of fat that makes the eyelid bulge and worsen the excess wrinkling around the lower eyelid. The fill is done to the point of correction so you can seen your result immediately.  I inject the Radiesse in a symmetric fashion from side to side so that I can maintain symmetry.  It is also important to inject the Radiesse relatively quickly so that swelling does not affect the amount of Radiesse to be injected.

I hope this has been helpful!

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