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Radiesse Q & A #3- Realself

Q: How Effective is 1.5cc Radiesse for Deep Glabellar Lines?

I am scheduled for radiesse filler on glabellar lines, upper eyelid blepharoplasty and secondary full face CO2 laser. Is Radiesse best option for between brows? Would it be advised to be doing all three procedures together? Brow area was not affected with full face laser 10 months ago.

A: Radiesse is amazing, Botox or Dysport may be what you need

Radiesse is one of my favorite of all fillers because the results are amazing.  It is one of my favorite procedures to do because I can be an artist with the face.  It is a wonderful filler for many areas of the face, in particular, it is extremely effective for reestablishing the descent of the mid-cheek, nasolabial folds, downward angulation of the corners of the mouth, marionette lines and the jowls. The fill is done to the point of correction so you can see the end result immediately.  This is unlike other fillers that take time to reveal the augmentation (ie. Sculptra) or those that require over correction at the time of treatment due to absorption over time (ie. Collagen).

Radiesse is NOT recommended between the eyebrows.   Looking at your picture, your nasolabial folds would be addressed adequately with Radiesse and I am sure you will be happy.  It does not appear as though you have aged much at this time.  The wrinkle between the eyebrows is usually best treated with the paralytic agents- Botox or Dysport.  Usually, if you do 2 injections, which will paralyze the muscles for 6-8 months, this wrinkle will go away on it’s own.  If you have the need for immediate correction, the paralytics can be combined with a filler.  If you are having areas with persistent deep wrinkles, you could consider a dermabrasion to that area in particular.  The advantage of this is that dermabrasion, unlike C02, does not cause heat injury or damage to the pigment cells, therefore it is possible to go deeper without causing a pigment change.  The other advantage of a dermabrasion over the laser is that the deep wrinkles are worked individually to allow better correction of each deep wrinkle.

Hopefully this will help with your concerns regarding upcoming procedure.

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