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Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty Garment – Realself

Q: What type of compression garment do you suggest after tummy tuck? How do I know what size to choose?

A: Compression Garments are very helpful and usually add comfort after a Tummy Tuck

My favorite compression garment is by Design Veronique.  I am very particular about my garments because I believe it is very important for the area of surgery to have uniform compression but not too much compression so the flap of belly skin can re-establish a good blood supply. The garment will also provide comfort and stability to the entire belly which will be appreciated for the first 3-6 weeks post op, especially as the nerves reestablish and become hyper sensitive to motion.  The pain is less also if the swelling is minimized.  I recommend you call the company directly and talk through exactly how to do your measurements with them, and allow them to recommend the best size according to your preoperative measurements. By doing this, typically your garment is correctly sized, and if not,  they will replace it, since they made the recommendation.  Although there are hundreds of garments on the market- they do vary in quality and style.  Regarding quality, I have yet to find a garment that provide uniform compression, ease of use, a bathroom opening and ease of closure as good as the Design Veronique.   I have seen patients with cheaper garments that develop bulges of swelling in the areas around the surgical site which add concern and delay in a nice end result.  A uniform compression garment will also limit the potential ring of compression and deformity in the the surgical area that could happen from the waist band of the pants worn post operatively.  The garments which extend to the upper thigh are easier to use and more comfortable than the ones which end at the groin.  The garment should have an opening to go to the bathroom so you will not have to take the garment on and off.  Also, I like the designs which have a uniform central flap which clips on both sides so central flap does not have any zipper that may compress on the surgical flap (the belly).  This design is easier to close and makes it possible for the patient to work with without help.  I like black garments because they can be washed and do not show any blood stains that may be present.  Typically I have my patients get the style which extends to just below the breast, unless they are having a breast procedure as well.

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