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Q: 4’9″, 145lb. Should I Have Surgery Now or Lose More Weight?

I Have Lost 35 (31.4%) Pounds Which I Have Maintained for over 18 Months. I Am 4’9” and Currently weigh 145 after loosing 35 #. My personal goal is to weigh below 130.I am considering a tummy tuck or a panniculectomy. I exercise regularly. Should I have the surgery now or off until I loose more weight? I am fifty years old. I do not desire to look like a model, just simply look pleasant and feel good about myself.

Me and my grandson summer 2010 Me with my son Summer 2010 - note the belly bugle With my grandson again December 2010

A: Abdominoplasty before or after weight loss is fine- the result should be good either way!

The result of the abdominoplasty is not negatively affected by having extra weight and will only improve with ongoing weight loss.  You do not need to achieve your ideal weight prior to surgery. The surgery itself has a remarkable result and will improve your self esteem, allow you to see the benefits of your exercise and is often helpful for exercise because you are carrying less tissue and exercise is easier.  If you look at our pre and post op photos on our web site you can see the remarkable difference that the surgery will create.  This is truly inspiring for many patients or allows patients to engage more enthusiastically and successfully.  That tissue below the umbilicus/belly button, is the area which tends to accumulate most of the fat.  By tightening the muscles, the front -to back / side view is narrowed.  To lose weight after abdominoplasty will thin the flap that remains and the result will only improve.

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