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Q: Tummy Tuck without muscle tightening? (photos)

Hi everyone I’m 25 years old I don’t have kids. I used to weight 220 poundS right now I’m 150 I lost 70 pounds total around five years ago. I never had a huge stomach mostly all my weight goes to my hips and my thigh. I’m planing on doing a tummy tuck. I know I want to have kids around my 30’s. Do I need tightening the muscle also. Or can I just get a tummy tuck. I wish my stomach to be really flat and tight.

A: Photos too dark!

Your photos are too dark to see.In general if you have not had kids you typically have not had stretching of the fascia between the muscles.  If you do sit ups- the muscles are usually well aligned as well.  Physical exam will determine if the muscles are aligned in the midline and need to be tightened.

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