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Upper Eyelid Surgery #1- Realself

Q: What’s the best treatment for new wrinkles & pouches that recently appeared & worsened under & around my eyes at age 69? (Photo)

Under/around eye wrinkles,pouches, & droopy upper lids all worsened “overnight” at age 69 – what can help, reliably & safely? I’ve had no previous cosmetic procedures & want to avoid surgery. My skin was very oily until my 50’s & is thick, large-pored, & light olive (Fitzpatrick lll, I think – German/English heredity.) I sun-bathed until age 40, as it improved my terminal acne. Would Retin A, Botox &/or other fillers help, & if not, what do you recommend?
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A: Upper eyelid surgery is easy, effective and the only true solution!!

The photos do not show your eyelids enough to effectively recommend much at this point, however the upper eyelid clearly will benefit from an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. This is a terrific surgery with a long lasting result.  The surgery is office based and can be done with straight local anesthesia and very well tolerated.   The incision is placed into the wrinkle line so it is very difficult to see the scar once it has matured in a year.  You will be thrilled with the result.  The lower eyelids can not be evaluated from these pictures.

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