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Q: Blepharoplasty at age 26? (Photo)

Hi, about a year now, my eyes are bothering me. I always look angry and tired. Botox doesn’t help for me. Would i benefit from a upper eyelid procedure? Thank you
 Eyebrows raised 

A: Blepharoplasty will do!

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty will solve your concerns.  The upper eyelid skin excess is the problem which causes you to look tired and makes your eyes itchy or achy.  The brows do not need to be lifted, they are in a good position with proper amount of show of the lateral orbit. Lifting the brows will give you a surprised look.  The Botox can be used but it is difficult to consistently achieve a lift and also the cost adds up!! The upper eyelid blepharoplasty is only a few 1000 and will resolve your problem for years.  Also with removal of the excess skin not only will your eyes feel better, you may not need the botox to the forehead wrinkles as much because you will not be lifting your brows to relieve your eyes of the weight of the excess eyelid skin.  The eyelid skin excess is a genetic problem related to the size of the orbit and the quality of your skin, so age 26 is not an uncommon age for this procedure.

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