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Radiesse & Facial asymmetries #4 – Realself

Q: Why is my left eye higher up and smaller than the other? Is there any treatment? (Photo)

I’ve noticed that my eye is smaller and higher up on my face than thet other and I’m wondering what I can do to fix it.

A: Facial asymmetries are a mark of beauty!

Facial asymmetries are normal and found in everyone and studies have shown that the most attractive male and female models typically have a greater degree of asymmetry than the average individual!  Your asymmetries visible and obvious but not unattractive.  Your eyes are beautiful and the position of the orbit relative to the eyeball allows both of the upper eyelid to have excellent symmetry.  The left side of your face is longer than the right which gives a slight flattening of the cheek.  I honestly do not think you should do anything.  If you are head strong to try something, the only thing you could possibly consider that may reduce the appearance of the asymmetry would be do put a filler such as Radiesse in the left cheek to allow it to project anteriorly and increase the fullness to match the right cheek.  The contour and formation of the shadows from rounding out the cheek may reduce the apparent length of the left cheek.  This will not reduce the height difference but may allow the shadows of the cheek fullness to create the illusion of a shorter left cheek.  I would recommend Radiesse because it is dense enough to allow for cheek projection but is also temporary- lasts about 1 year.  I would not recommend something like fat because of the unpredictability of the result over time as the fat which is injected develops a life if it’s own and may enlarge too much with the extensive vascularity of the facial tissue. Good luc

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