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Upper Eyelid Surgery #5 -Realself

Q: Non-surgical fix for eyelids?

I have droopy upper eyelids that are very uneven. One side has much more excess skin than the other. I’d really like to remove the droopiness altogether, or at least even them out, but I don’t like the idea of surgery. Are there any other options?

A: Upper eyelid surgery is easy, effective and the only true solution!!

Surgery is the answer!!! Do not worry.  The plastic surgeon should be able to excise the skin in a very artistic manner and solve your problems- it is really like having a mole off with the added artistry to give you a wonderful result.  Your eyes will look like they did when you were younger and you will not feel the weight of the skin which will relieve your aching in the eyes at the end of the day.  The stitches come out in 3-4 days! You can have the surgery done with straight local anesthesia which is easily tolerated- only a little sting with the anesthesia for 3-10 seconds per side!  I would not trust a heat related option as you have less control and may have to deal with complications and asymmetries which surgery will control by careful measurements.  Just go for it!!! You will not regret it once it is done!  Be sure to choose a Plastic Surgeon who has good results by photos, and details the closure- look at photos so you can be sure you will get the results you are hoping for!!Good Luck!!

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