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Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery #6 – Realself

Q: Would I need upper and lower lid surgery? My lower lid is my biggest problem area (Photo)

I have always hated my eyes. I was born with lower lid bags. Sometimes they are puffier than others. I’m worried about using fillers and the long term cost of using them. Seems like surgery makes more since $ wise. Would this be a simple case or more complicated case on the spectrum of lid procedures

A: Lower eyelid fullness is common at a young age! Blepharoplasty/ eyelid surgery is great!

It is not uncommon to have the lower eyelid fat bulging from childhood. This is a genetic predisposition which you may find several members of the family have the same problem.  The fillers done well will often mask this problem, however, the cost of the surgery will be surpassed in short order by using fillers and the risks of the fillers is present with each injection.  If you are tempted to do surgery, go for it!!! It is a long term solution with one recovery.  You will be VERY happy with the results and the fact that people will stop saying you look tired.  You only need to do the upper eyelids if you have excessive skin there.  If so, it is worth it is probably worth it to do them both and have one recovery. Your photos are inadequate to assess this so you will need to have a consult with the plastic surgeon to best evaluate this need. If you do have excess upper eyelid skin and you do the surgery, you will feel and immediate relief of the tired/aching eyes that commonly happens as the upper eyelid skin accumulates! Good luck!!

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