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Brow Lift

Brow lift at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence in Rhode Island by Dr. OSullivan will restore the normal position of the brow.

Brow lift is used to reduce the heavy appearance of the eyes by lifting the brow to their normal position. Surgical elevation of the brow is considered only when the brow is below the bony rim of the orbit. The ideal position of the brow is different for men and women.  The most important aesthetic challenge is maintaining the normal contour of the brows after they are lifted.

In reality, most patients who think they need a brow lift actually need upper eyelid blepharoplasty.  The blepharoplasty procedure is also known as eyelid tightening.  This procedure removes the excess skin of the upper eyelid.  Once this skin is removed the heavy appearance is typically resolved.  It is only when the position of the brow is below the bony rim that the brows actually need to be elevated.

There are several techniques used to lift the brows.  At Cosmetic Surgery Excellence, Dr. O’Sullivan uses the technique that minimizes the scarring and tension across the top of the head in order to minimize hair loss.  More extensive techniques have greater risks relative to benefits.   The sutures are hidden in the hairline reduce the visibility of the scars.

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