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Ear Piercing by Rhode Island Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Ear piercing is something that is best done once!!

Rhode Island Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan is a highly qualified ear piercer, and uses only the best materials.

The proper position is critical to achieving an aesthetic appearance with symmetry and stability.  Most importantly, there is a very stable area on the ear lobe which can best support the weight of the ear ring.  This is the ideal location to place the ear.

Get your ears pierced by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and reduce the risk for malposition, infection, cyst formation and allergy. Patients pierced by Dr. O’Sullivan’s have never experienced complications.  However,  Dr. O’Sullivan treats these complications in patients who have had their ears pierced by less qualified individuals.  These complications take years to resolve.  Therefore, it is critical to do the procedure right from the get go and minimize the risk for complications.

Plastic Surgeons are trained in sterile technique, aesthetics and proper ear ring choice.  At Cosmetic Surgery Excellence our Rhode Island Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. O’Sullivan uses only 14 K gold ear rings with surgical stainless steel post.  This quality material is hypoallergenic.  The posts are thicker than the typical ear ring to allow an easy exchange of earrings.  The backs lock on to assure the ear rings do not get lost. These ear rings should be kept and placed into the ears any time another ear ring causes irritation.

Now are you ready to go for it and let your little girl get her ears pierced?  This is such a fun time in a little girls life and opens the doors to wonderful and easy presents in her future!!

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