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Labiaplasty Rhode Island Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Labiaplasty is a life changing surgery for women around the world!

Labiaplasty surgery is done with surgical expertise and artistry by Rhode Island Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. O’Sullivan.  Our surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence performs the labidplasty surgery for women around the world including RI, MA, New England, CT and United Arab Emirates.

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Women suffer from this condition more than most people could believe. The malformed labia are not only painful, but also unsightly due to the elongated and redundant skin.  Thus, these deformities of the female genitals create great embarrassment.  In addition, the labial deformities significantly limit daily activities.

Contouring the labia with excision of the excess skin not only creates an aesthetic improvement, but also causes an immediate normalization of function. Thus, these women finally are able to engage in normal sexual expression.

This surgery is typically done in the operating room with sedation because the labia have such a high density of nerves.  Therefore, sedation makes it so the patient does not feel the multiple injections needed to anesthetize the area.  In addition, since the blood supply of the labia is very generous, the local anesthesia wears off very quickly.  The healing in this area is quite rapid and the scar is barely visible.

Woman come from all of New England and beyond to have our female Plastic surgeon use surgical artistry to re-establishing normal labia. This cosmetic procedure allows the patients immediate relief of embarrassment, pain and discomfort caused by abnormally elongated labia.

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