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Smartlipo Laser Neck Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

At Cosmetic Surgery Excellence you get a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to do your neck skin tightening with Smartlipo Laser!

Neck skin tightening with the Smartlipo laser done by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is great for the young and old.   At Cosmetic Surgery Excellence, Dr O’Sullivan frequently combines the laser assisted neck skin tightening with a facelift procedure in older patients.

Smartlipo is the innovative laser assisted liposuction that adds tightening of the skin to the liposuction.  As a result, the neck contouring is enhanced!  In contrast to the contouring of the neck achieved by liposuction alone, this technique induces the production of new collagen and elastin to tighten the skin. The laser liquifies the fat, and coagulates the vessels. Therefore, there is minimal bleeding so our patients return to their normal activities within days of surgery.

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Dr. O’Sullivan is one of the first Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in New England to own the Smartlipo machine. Therefore, her experience produces results that her patients love! As a matter of fact, our surgeon has patients who travel all the way from the United Arab Emerites for her skill and technique!

The doctor creates a tiny incision under the skin to execute the laser liposuction procedure.  The amount of skin tightening depends on the patient’s skin quality.  Therefore, Smartlipo is frequently combined with excision of neck skin.

Staging the laser and the skin excision has definite advantages since every patient’s skin will respond differently to the laser.   Most importantly,  if the tightening is adequate, the scar is kept to a minimum.  Alternatively, if skin remains to be excised, there is no doubt that the amount skin to be excised, and the length of the scar are reduced by the laser induced tightening.

Laser liposuction of the neck creates impressive cosmetic enhancements! Our Cosmetic surgeon evaluates every patient herself to determine the personalized options for neck rejuvenation.

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