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Areolar Reduction by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon At Cosmetic Surgery Excellence

Novel Areolar Reduction technique offered by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence!

Areolar Reduction is wonderfully surgery offered by our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence.  This procedure is used to gain symmetry of the areola from side to side. In addition, areolar reduction is done to establish an aesthetic balance between the size of the areola and the breast mound.

The size of the areola can be quite large in many patients. Other patients have marked asymmetry of the areola.  The embarrassment of this imbalance is very difficult for both men and women.  For many, the surgery allows patients to become more confident and happy.

This areolar reduction reduces the size of the areola.  There are several approaches to this procedure. Most patients will have a reduction of the areola at the same time as a breast lift.  However, many patients are unhappy with the large or asymmetric areola but like the shape of the breast and do not need a lift. In this case, the procedure may be done in the office with local anesthesia.

The key thing in creating aesthetics is to establish a balance.  For the areola, it must not be too large nor too low on the breast.  The ideal position is at the level of the breast fold.  Therefore, during the consultation, Dr. O’Sullivan will explain which technique is best for you!

Dr. Kimberley OSullivan has a novel technique to hide the scar better than other techniques used by other doctors.  This is her own invention and is surely a wonderful option for patients to feel better about their breast appearance.  This is a truly secret areolar reduction surgery since the scars are typically hard to find within a year of surgery in most patients.


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