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Ear Lobe Repair and Reduction by Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Ear lobe repair & reduction requires expertise and artistry!

Get your ear lobe repair or reduction at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence! Be it a tear or a reduction, Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan is our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has the surgical expertise required to create beautiful ear lobes.

The ear lobes frame to the face, thus they are not only visible but they are also essential to the balance of the face.  Although subtle asymmetries may not be visible from side to side, an abnormal shape of the lobule is noticeable at all times.  The problems is that a straight closure creates a pointy ear lobe.  Therefore, what seems to be a simple repair is actually quite complex!

Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan’s meticulous technique restores the natural curvature of the lobule during the surgery. The tiny sutures Dr. O’Sullivan uses minimize the scarring.  In addition, our cosmetic surgeon places deep absorbable sutures to hold the repair in position for several weeks.  This allows the non-absorbable sutures to be removed in a timely fashion, thus the minimizing the visibility of the scars.

Torn ear lobe repair or reduction is done under straight local anesthesia in the office. Sutures are removed 7 & 10 days after surgery.

After repair of your torn earlobe, Dr. O’Sullivan will do the piercing!

Finally, the big question following ear lobule is: “When can get their ears pierced again?”.  Due to the fact that the must be strong enough to support an ear ring, the patient will have to wait 6 – 8 weeks before re-piercing the ear lobe.

Dr. O’Sullivan will do the piercing herself.   Not only does she have the aesthetic and technical expertise to properly position the ear ring, but also she uses surgical stainless steel earrings covered with 14 carat gold or sterling silver.  The proper earring are critical to prevent ear piercing tract infections and cysts.

In addition to torn ear lobes, Dr. O’Sullivan performs many other surgeries of the ear.  Our patients at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence enjoy Dr. OSullivan’s expertise in ear pinning, as well as reconstruction after trauma or cancer excision.

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