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Rhode Island’s Best Breast Augmentation at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence by Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan

Looking for Rhode Island’s Best Breast Augmentation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

The place to go for Rhode Island’s best breast augmentation is Cosmetic Surgery Excellence!  It’s true, breast augmentation is a specialty of our Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan.  Not only is Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, but she is a woman.  Therefore she understands what a woman would like when operating on the breast.

Breast augmentation is the surgery to create and restore fullness in the under developed, or deflated breast.  In addition, breast augmentation is used in correcting breast abnormalities and asymmetries.  Of note is Dr. O’Sullivan’s focus on  the importance of creating a natural look with cleavage for her patients.

It is Dr. O’Sullivan’s sense of aesthetics and her commitment to women, that makes Cosmetic Surgery Excellence the place to go for Rhode Island’s best breast augmentation.  See for yourself by looking at the before and after photos of Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan’s patients.


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At Cosmetic Surgery Excellence, Dr. O’Sullivan discusses all the options with the patient.  In effect, the patient and doctor devise a surgical plan together to matches the patient’s desires!  Most importantly, Dr. O’Sullivan gives her patients the choice of these options.  As a result, the patient’s breast enhancement experience is as positive as possible.

Again, a woman’s choice is paramount in this surgery!

Therefore, Dr. O’Sullivan offers both silicone and saline implants for her patients.  The goal is to create beautiful curves & cleavage in addition to normal feeling breasts.

Also discussed are the incision and implant position options. Understanding their options makes the patient feel positive about their surgery.  This is one of the primary reason why Rhode Island’s best breast augmentation surgery is from Cosmetic Surgery Excellence.

Patients come from all over R.I., CT, MA, New England and the world around to have Dr. OSullivan restore the perks of youth with breast augmentation surgery!

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