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Restylane is the BEST for Beautiful Lips Board Certified Surgeon @ Cosmetic Surgery Excellence Dr Kimberley O’Sullivan

Restylane is the best filler for beautiful Lips and eye rejuvenation. Come get it at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence by our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Get your lips and face filled with Restylane at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence!  Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan, does all the injections herself. The doctor’s artistry & expertise make our patients look natural and feel great!.

This is the most versatile filler used in the face.  It is soft, clear and pliable. Therefore, this filler is not only great for lips, but also great around the eyes and in fine wrinkles.

There are other fillers such as Radiesse which are used for larger wrinkles and the deep nasolabial folds.  However,  Restylane may be used in these areas as well.  Many patients may be a candidate for several types of fillers.

In addition, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will often combine fillers with a paralytic.  The benefit is not only an immediate correction but also a long lasting result.  In general the Restylane will last 6-12 months.  Many patients will have their filler redone at 6 months before the full effect is gone.

Call now to make an appointment, or check out our calendar to see how quickly we can get you in to start your facial rejuvenation.

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Beautiful Lips with soft, natural contours are created with Restylane.

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