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Paralytic Options: Dysport ~ Botox ~ Xeomin

Get your Botox & Dysport by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence!

Dr. O’Sullivan, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon injects both Botox & Dysport to eliminate the wrinkles of aging and create a peaceful & youthful appearance.  Our patients at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence typically have the muscles of the scowl, forehead, eyes and upper lip paralyzed.

Both paralytics have the same active ingredient, thus they work the same.  Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Excellence only uses genuine products.  In addition, the doctor prepares the paralytics in order to assure the proper dilution and a lasting effect.

It takes up to 7 days for the patient to see the effect of the paralytic. Paralytics hide the visible wrinkles caused by the stresses of life.  Therefore, the injections are ideally repeated every 3 months in order to keep you looking calm, cool & collected.

In addition, the doctor frequently combines the paralytics with fillers to provide total rejuvenation of the face.  Repeat injection every 3 months for a year will typically allow the wrinkle to completely disappear without any filler.  However,  when there is a special occasion right around the corner, the filler can immediately eliminate the wrinkle and the paralytic will keep the correction from reforming.



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